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About Us

Legobuilders Inc.

Brick Walls, Fences, Columns, Landscaping, Dome houses, Tiny Brick houses...

Brick revival in architecture and engineering is underway. Our bricks though is a fusion of the ancient and modern -- it interlocks and has horizontal channels to accommodate steel. We are out here to change the way we build things. Our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Legobuilders Inc. has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Let's change the architectural world together!

09278587110, 09192451194

LEGOBUILDERS INC. is a SEC registered company in the business of manufacturing of modular clay hollow bricks and specialty construction in its design and installation.


LEGOBUILDERS INC. designs, fabricates brick mold machines, constructs and installs for client’s specified size, shape or color of clay brick and pattern preference. 


Benefits of clay brick walls. Clay brick walls have the best Thermal mass performance. This means the ability to bar heat. This translates to energy efficiency and lower air-conditioning costs.

In the heat of summer,  clay brick walls  slows transfer of heat. It also absorbs heat from internal air to keep house comfortable and less humid.

Clay brick walls is low maintenance - against commercially painted walls, brick does not need repainting or retouching and its elegance is maintained over time. This makes it durable, weather proof and age proof.

Clay brick walls have the best sound insulation and since it can accommodate steel, it has the structural integrity of modern construction.

Clay brick walls fire resistance tests show the best fire proofing qualities in the category of walls

Clay brick's design flexibility is known among architects and designers. From ancient to modern, clay brick walls have stood out to be the building block par excellence.


Our brick-makers are trained to produce quality bricks through experience, and through standard procedures for quality control like weighing, measuring and random testing.


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