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About Us

Our company CUSTOMIZES clay bricks of different textures, DESIGNS, COLORS, and SIZES for various construction objectives.

"The Philippines might be the only country in South East Asia that does not have a clay brick Industry. We are here to start that clay-based industry. We will design all sorts of brick shapes, offer it in different colors, change and beautify our country thru brick architecture and engineering."

-Excerpts of speech of JCDLR, President, Legobuilders Inc. before participants of the 15th Green Forum, September 1, 2018, Ortigas, Pasig. Sponsored by the Green Architecture Advocacy of the Philippines (GAAP).

"Architecture starts when you put two bricks together. There it begins."


-Ludwig Mis Van Der Rohe-


Benefits Of Clay Bricks

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Video Credits Brick Industry Association of South Africa

Towards building a brick industry in the Philippines

Brick Walls | Fences | Columns | Landscaping | Dome houses | Tiny Brick houses



We have a brick design for the particular wall you plan to erect, 6 inches thick to 1 inch veneer ... and the kind of design you want.

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Whatever shape or color you want for your wall, we will customize for you.



Tree holders, Plant holders, embankments, dividers, center-islands, retaining walls.

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Legobuilders Inc.

Merging Ancient Craftsmanship with Modern Innovation in Brick Construction

Brick revival in architecture and engineering is underway. Our bricks are a fusion of the ancient and modern – they interlock and have horizontal channels to accommodate steel. We are here to change the way we build. Our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Legobuilders Inc. has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Let's change the architectural-engineering world together!

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Our Video Gallery

Our Cabalan Brick Veneers
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Nandy and Priscilla Pacheco
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The Brick Dome Arch design
A Genuine Modular Brick House
The Brick Barn, SLEX
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