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1. Introduction

This method statement is for the construction of customized Cabalan perforated brick to achieve perforated brick wall designs, or, what is also known as a brick screen.

For this kind of wall, we have two (2) brick designs;

a) The Big Perforated brick with dimensions, Length 10” x Width 5” x Height 2”. From the edges, 1” to the hole with a diameter of 1”. From hole to hole, 6”. This design has a gap of 5”. Four (4) kilos in weight.

b) The Regular Perforated brick with dimensions, Length 10” x Width 4” x Height 2”. From the edges, .5” to the hole with a diameter of .75”. From hole to hole, 5.5”. This design has a gap of 4”. Two and a half (2.5) kilos in weight.

2. Brick Material

With an average of 600 p.s.i., it is a non-fired clay brick locally produced and made to order. The brick is made out of a raw material of clay determined, identified and tested as sandy clay. With this raw material, we mix iron oxides, lime and cement. The brick hardens thru a method of moisture curing. We offer a natural brick without colors and bricks that require colored pigments, some of which is imported from Brasil. We can approximate the color specified by our clients.

3. Structural Requirements

The two (2) holes serve to accommodate Reinforced Steel Bars RSB, 10mm. It is lain exactly on top of the next lower brick, forming a vertical hollow channel where the dowels are reinforced by sand-cement slurry that can run down the holes using a funnel.

In effect, the structure would have a distribution of reinforced dowels every 4” or 5” inches across the span, with a wall height of 3 meters (could be higher but consult your structural engineer). For added strength, brick onto brick, two (2) dabs of epoxy or Sika Sikadur brand adhesive is advised.

If it is a perforated brick wall predesigned and included in the A and E plans, the columns are adjusted, thru the formworks to already accommodate the brick wall, with a channel a little more than 4” or 5” in width, depending on the preferred brick design.

3. Waterproofing

If the wall is outdoor or exposed to the elements, the brick must be lain onto the next lower brick, such that the joints should repel any water seepage. Epoxy or silicone is recommended using a grout gun. A thin layer around the edges, nearest the joints, may be applied. This added method would not only protect the structural steel from water penetration, it also contributes to the structural durability of the wall span.

Aside from this, penetrative liquid silicone Lotus Effect by Cambridge Paints or Buildrite, is applied to the entire wall, sprayed or brushed, generously on the joints.

4. Wall Design and Color

The Big Perforated design can be mixed with the Regular Perforated brick design. Soon, we will come up with a perforated brick design with a thickness of 3” and a height of 2” to 4”.

Various colors and shades could also be ordered to have a multi colored wall.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call or text us at 09278587110 (Viber) or 09192451194. Email

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