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Sending Brick Samples to Clients

March 17, 2021

Ar. Samantha Soliven

Greener and Partners Properties


Attention: Sir Ralph Cabagtong


Unit 17, 123 Pioneer St.

Mandaluyong City

Dear Sam:

Sending you a few samples of our product, a few among an array of brick designs used for different purposes. Please note the following;

They are soft-clay tiles, unfinished still. As discussed over our phone conversation, to finish we apply a ceramic coating, among others, that would waterproof and create a coat that provides the brick an additional 3k pounds per square inch compressive strength.

Another feature of the brick is, while we customize different colors and provide homogeneous colored bricks, we can still stain the brick to approximate client’s preferences, e.g., varnished with maple, mahogany, yellow ochre. Varnish is for indoors. For outdoor walls that need waterproofing, we first stain the brick, then apply the ceramic coat which is matte finish, or, if brick color is already final, we simply coat it.

We also have different sizes of veneer bricks. It ought to be discussed in person to explain its uses.

Brick is still in its nascent stage in the Philippines. The assumptions about it is, it gets moss, stained, blackened. It is only for accents. It is only red, etc. There are now modern ways of brick-making, modern method statements and chemicals that go with brick construction, without which, you will end up displeased with the building block. But with the proper way of doing it, it maybe very low or even no maintenance, no coloration or discoloration and will remain elegant and stunning for decades.


JC delosReyes


Legobuilders Inc.

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